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Joining EarthRiders

Maintaining a membership database for a club of our size can be a very time consuming task. The club is completely a volunteer effort and, as volunteers, we want to spend our time doing things like acquiring new places for you to ride and setting up great monthly meetings and weekly rides. It is for this reason that we offer and encourage you to join Earth Riders using the Paypal options.

When you join online you save us the trouble of entering all of your information by hand and running to the bank with your check. It saves us a tremendous amount of time and really simplifies our processes.

If you don't have a Paypal account, no problem! Just click the Paypal button anyway and choose the option to pay with a credit card.

If you do not wish to register online, you may complete the application below and mail it to the Earth Riders PO Box

By joining EarthRiders you receive a number of benefits in addition to contributing to our ongoing expenses. Some of those benefits include:

  • Group rides
  • 10% discount on parts and accessories at our sponsor shops
  • Free use of our Bike Travel Cases
  • Discounts on Mountain Bike 101 class
  • Access to discussion forums and trail status notifications
  • Special deals and free schwag at monthly meetings

Join or Renew online using:
Print and complete mail-in form

Memberships are processed routinely but please be patient! If you have questions regarding membership please contact the EarthRiders Membership guru:

Membership email

Thank you and enjoy your EarthRiders membership!